How it works

Our device is a mixer for nutrition supplements. You have to put the necessary data to the control board by using input panel, than the computer calculates the composition of the required mixture. After the device prepare mixtures of vitamins and/or food supplement compositions for any individual needs.

Our innovative algorithm determines personal supplement needs at 95% confidence level, based on:

  • personal health status (diseases)

  • daily activity (sports, sleep, etc.),

  • eating habits (country and person specific),

  • genetic properties (blood test),

  • public health status (epidemy risks),

  • environmental status (extreme weather).

Why is this the Perfect Choice for You

Like in clothing, one size does not fit all in nutrition, either. While there are general principles of a healthy diet, major additional benefits can be achieved by customizing our diet to our own individual needs. Genetic makeup, gut bacteria, body type, chemical exposures, sports, habits make all of us different. The nutrition needs change from person to person.

  • The Supple’s cartridge container consists necessary vitamins (A, C, D, E, K), B-complexes, minerals (Calcium, Magnesium), trace elements (Zn, Se, Fe, etc.) and additives.

  • Not “quasi-personal”, since the product is fully tailored to the consumer’s needs.

  • Optionally includes a cartridge for special needs.

  • Fully automated mixer.



Fittness and wellbeing groowers

Bariatric surgery patient

Supple can transform your health data into a personalized supplementation plan to support your health goals.